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Hot Tar & Asphalt

HOT tar and Aphalt

Designed to handle tar, asphalt, hot oils and other high temperature petroleum based materials at temperatures up to 175°C (350°F).

Tube- Special heat resistant black Nitrile
Reinforcement- Textile cords with wire helix
Cover- Corrugated black nitrile
Branding- Unbranded

Temperature Range
-35°C to +177°C (-31°F to +350°F)

Standard Lengths
50ft/ 100ft

Part No. I.D Inches O.D. Inches Bend Radius In. Max W.P PSI Approx. Wt.
Per. Ft. LBS
HT-2 2 2.74 12 150 2.34
HT-2.5 2.5 3.43 15 150 2.88
HT-3 3 4 18 150 3.47
HT-4 4 4.98 24 150 4.53


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