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About Us

Canadian Lifting and Supplies was founded in the 2005 by Pierre and Pierrette Lafreniere.

Canadian Lifting and Supplies was developed and created to fulfill, what they saw as a void in the availability of high quality products and services in all industries.

Their objective is to supply the customers with superior knowledge and quality products at fair prices, and to provide exceptional customer service.

For the past 8 years, Canadian Lifting and Supplies has become highly recognized as a reputable supplier to the mining, forestry and trucking industries, as well as governments at the Federal, Provincial & Municipal levels. Beginning with a limited selection of rigging supplies, our product line has grown to include an extensive array of goods. From this modest outset, Canadian Lifting and Supplies has established itself to the level of success and respectability that is enjoyed today by all consumers.

As of April 2012, a new generation has been added to Canadian Lifting and Supplies, which has welcomed 2 new outside sales representatives, and a new shop technician.

With the addition of these members to our ever growing family, Canadian Lifting and Supplies has progressively grown, evolved and modify its missions and goals.

The new objective of Canadian Lifting and Supplies is now to become a “ONE STOP SHOP” for your every need.
Our office has been modified to accommodate a new and improved showroom which showcases our vast lines of suppliers and our manufactured products.

We are also now equipped with a 350 T and 600T hydraulic press to increase productivity and our manufacturing capabilities, to assure customers satisfaction.


Wire rope, nylon, chain and much more...

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